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In many ways, finding freedom from emotional dependence required an extreme radical shift in my thinking, to make the changes from identifying with the personality to identifying with the soul. I had to re-evaluate all previous ways of understanding, thinking, acting and being motivated. This brought up a lot of my issues, especially how manipulative I actually was. By resorting to tactics to get my emotional needs met, I saw how hiding my essential nature and being afraid to express my true self kept me emotionally dependent on others.

I discovered that real intimacy is an important aspect of all our relationships.  It exposes the unconscious and teaches us trust. It helps us to recognize needs and it awakens the love within us to respond to those needs. It especially empowers us to meet our own needs. Over time, I came to the realization that whatever I was attached to, I needed to let go so it could be free. And I needed to let go in love so that I could be free. This was definitely the most transformative and painful process on my “journey to wholeness’ I was yet to come to the place in my life where I would learn to love without holding on and to detach;  allowing total freedom to the one’s I loved.

I was coming to the awareness that I was still using others to give me something I felt I was lacking in myself. In reality I did not love them at all. I was holding on because I did not recognize the love in myself.

I was coming to the awareness that I am acceptable and lovable just the way I am. Getting in touch with the love inside me was the most definitive step on my spiritual journey and as time passed, I had this revelation…………… I cannot NOT love.





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