Lesson 9

Giving and receiving are one and must occur together. I can only receive what I give. This is true in all situations and relationships in my life.

Since I want to receive peace and love throughout this day, I will say silently or directly to everyone I meet: I offer you peace and love, and accept love and peace for myself.  



Lesson 8

I can be preoccupied with the fears of the past or the dreams of the future, but I can only live in the present moment. This moment is precious because it is different from all other moments. While the opportunity for my personal growth and fulfillment exists at all times, there has never been a better place than here.

Today, whenever I am tempted to live in the past or future, I will remind myself: I can live her and now with nothing to fear.

Lesson 7

The world transformed through my loving vision shows me there is nothing to fear. It is impossible for me to experience love and fear at the same time. It is also impossible for me to experience peace when I am fearful.

Today, I choose to experience only love by reminding myself: There is nothing to fear.

Lesson 6

Most of the time I see a fragmented world where nothing seems to make much sense. The bits and pieces of my daily experience reflect the chaos I see within. Today, I welcome a new perception of myself and the world.

Repeat to yourself whenever you feel that your peace is threatened by anything or anyone: I choose to see the unity of peace instead of the fragmentation of fear.

Lesson 5

The world I see through eyes of fear is indeed threatening. Yet, there is another way of looking at this same world. I can choose to look at familiar people and things as if I were seeing them for the first time. Without my fears from the past, I can experience the beauty, joy and contentment that lie all around me, and in all the people who are part of my life.

Repeat throughout the day whenever you experience fear: This is my instant of releasing you (name) and myself from a fearful world. Together, we can join in seeing a loving world.

Lesson 4

What I see without  is a reflection of what I have first seen within my own mind. I always project onto the world the thoughts, feelings and attitudes which preoccupy me. I can see the world differently today by changing my mind about what I want to see.

Repeat throughout the day whenever you are tempted to see yourself as victimized: Only my loving thoughts are real. It is only these I would have in this situation (specify) or with this person (specify).

Lesson 3

I recognize today that my attack thoughts about others are really directed against myself. When I believe that attacking others brings me something I want, let me remember that I always attack myself first. I do not wish to hurt myself again today.

Throughout the day when you are tempted to hurt yourself with attack thoughts, say with determination: I want to experience peace of mind right now. I happily let go of all attack thoughts and choose peace instead.

If I want peace, I will be concerned only about giving. If I want conflict, I will be concerned with trying to get something or evaluating why I am not getting it.

Ask yourself the following question about every communication: Is this communication loving to the other person and to myself? (Do this daily.)


Lesson 2

Most of my life I have acted as if I were a robot, responding to what other people said or did. Now I recognize that my responses can be determined only by the decisions I make. I claim my freedom by exercising the power of my decisions to see people and  events  with love instead of fear.

Whenever you feel tempted today to see through the eyes of fear, repeat to yourself with determination: I am not a robot. I am free. I am determined today to see things differently.

This is an 18 day Mini Course in healing relationships by letting go of the fear which interferes with peace of mind. The purpose of this Mini Course is to help us recognize that we do have a choice as to whether we want to experience peace or conflict.

This Mini Course provides specific principles and guidelines, which are given personal meaning through the application of practical daily lessons.

The author, Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D., is the founder and the psychiatric consultant of the Center for Attitudinal Healing, Tiburon, California.

Lesson 1

I Am Never Upset For the Reason I Think

I am tempted to believe that I am upset because of what other people do, or because of circumstances and events beyond my control. I may experience  being upset as some form of anger, jealousy, resentment or depression. Actually, all of these feelings represent some form of fear, and I have a choice-to experience love or to be fearful. As I choose to experience love by extending love to others, my fears are dispelled. I recognize that I need no longer be upset for any reason.

Throughout the day, whenever you are tempted to be fearful, remind yourself that you can experience love instead, and say: My peace comes only from within me. It cannot come from anywhere else.