Lesson 12

A defensive response to an “attacking” world will not work, since it ¬†increases my own feelings of weakness and vulnerability. Only the fearful believe that defenses protect them, not recognizing that they are caught in an endless chain of attack and defense. Yet defenselessness is strength and cannot be attacked. Today I recognize that defenses cannot protect me, but do the opposite of what I want.

Throughout the day when you feel threatened, repeat to yourself: In my defenselessness lies my safety and strength. I choose to leave weakness behind today.


Lesson 11

I was mistaken in believing that I could give anyone anything other than what I want for myself. Since I want to experience peace, love, and forgiveness, these are the only gifts I would offer others. It is not charity on my part to offer forgiveness and love to others in place of attack. Rather, offering love is the only way I can accept love for myself.

In all situations and encounters today, say: All that I give is given to myself. Am I now giving what I want for myself?

Lesson 10

Whenever I see someone else as guilty, I am reinforcing my own sense of guilt and unworthiness. I cannot forgive myself unless I am willing to forgive others. It does not matter what I think anyone has done to me in the past or what I think I may have done. Only through forgiveness can my release from guilt and fear be complete.

Today I choose to let go all my past misperceptions about myself and others. Instead, I will join with everyone and say: I see you and myself only in the light of true forgiveness. 


Lesson 9

Giving and receiving are one and must occur together. I can only receive what I give. This is true in all situations and relationships in my life.

Since I want to receive peace and love throughout this day, I will say silently or directly to everyone I meet: I offer you peace and love, and accept love and peace for myself.  



Lesson 8

I can be preoccupied with the fears of the past or the dreams of the future, but I can only live in the present moment. This moment is precious because it is different from all other moments. While the opportunity for my personal growth and fulfillment exists at all times, there has never been a better place than here.

Today, whenever I am tempted to live in the past or future, I will remind myself: I can live her and now with nothing to fear.

Lesson 7

The world transformed through my loving vision shows me there is nothing to fear. It is impossible for me to experience love and fear at the same time. It is also impossible for me to experience peace when I am fearful.

Today, I choose to experience only love by reminding myself: There is nothing to fear.

Lesson 6

Most of the time I see a fragmented world where nothing seems to make much sense. The bits and pieces of my daily experience reflect the chaos I see within. Today, I welcome a new perception of myself and the world.

Repeat to yourself whenever you feel that your peace is threatened by anything or anyone: I choose to see the unity of peace instead of the fragmentation of fear.